Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Save, Scan, Throw It Away

What was I saying,
before this message came across:
"You have some unsaved changes
that will be lost."?
Oh yes:
I've been scanning what I've saved
and throwing it away.
But I'll have it if I need it
on some later day.
And the chances that I'll look at it
while it's on my hard disk?
I'm sure if I just lost it,
I wouldn't know what I had missed.
But just going through these piles
has been rather fun––
remembering all the things I wrote
and the things I've done.
And what if I just tossed it?
Would that make me less?
Or would that make my life
just that much less complex?
Complexity is valued
in mystery, cheese, and wine.
Amongst these aged papers
there are clues to some of mine.
But complexities can't fit
on some papers, in a file.
There in me. I stand triumphant
on this growing recycle pile.
Save it, scan it,
and throw it all away.
Or just light it all on fire.
Either way, you're safe.

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