Thursday, August 29, 2013

Heaven Forbid

Heaven forbid we share and feed.
People will think we're a charity.
Heaven forbid that word get out.
People will think that's what we're about.

Heaven forbid we give food away.
People might come, and then they might stay.
And helping them out would be really tough.
Even if they did tithe, it wouldn't be much.

Heaven forbid we go too far
If we open our hearts, while the door's ajar
a hundred people could walk in,
each with their issues, their needs and their sin.

Heaven forbid we give too much.
People would take advantage of us.
They'd always keep asking for more, more, more.
We might not have that much love in store.

When God lived as a human being,
word got out that he made the lame walk,
he fed the hungry, gave sight to the blind,
and people came to hear him talk.
But he didn't want people to say who he was
until he was just about ready to die.
You and I, at this church, are we ready to die?
If not, maybe we should go take down our sign.

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