Friday, September 20, 2013


I could waste my time
thinking it's all mine,
writing my own rhymes,
thinking they're so fine,
thinking I'm so cool
making my own rules
teaching my own school
of thought, like I'm not
just using the same words
everyone has heard
plowing the same dirt,
feeding the same birds,
surprised that nothing grows.
Don't I know
half of this is just for show?
How does the story go?
Oh, yeah: everyone dies,
maybe loved ones cries,
we dry off our own eyes
because it's not really a surprise.
At least we died wise
or at least we tried
but what's left of our lives?
A song of sacrifice
is the one (the one!) we won't forget,
the one that lasting life begets,
and so I'm going to cover it,
yes, that's the song I'll be.
Cover it true, cover it new,
the best cover I can do,
and still I'll need You,
your sacrifice to cover me.

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