Friday, November 30, 2012

If Saving is Earning

If it's true
as I have learned
"a penny saved
is a penny earned"
then I guess
I earn a lot.
It's not what I do
but what I do not:
I do not buy
designer cribs,
Swarovski crystal-
covered bibs,
Coach diaper bags,
or designer
spit-up rags.
I do not go
to shopping malls
or salons
or fancy balls.
I don't pick up
those magazines
or watch the ads
on big flat screens.
I do not use
six different sprays
to make my hair
look good all day.
I do not fly
in private jets
or take vacations.
At least not yet.
I do not drive
a brand new car,
or a golf cart,
chasing par.
I do not drive
a monster truck.
I do not pay
for tummy tucks.
I do not keep
an equine stable.
I don't hang out
on operating tables.
I do not need
a phone that's smart
or million-dollar
works of art.
I do not need
a leather chair,
a business wardrobe,
or childcare.
Being thrifty's not
a prestigious career.
But if saving is earning,
there's potential here.

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