Friday, October 26, 2012


It's good if you like to do it yourself.
We like to do it ourselves, ourselves.
Home cooking, home brewing, and self home repair––
we birth our own babies, we build our own shelves.

It's good to take pride in the work that you do,
and we learn a lot when we get involved.
But when pride leads to pride that cuts off from others
then do-it-yourselfishness is what it's called.

Do-it-yourselfishness looks at the world
and says "I won't pay for what I can make,"
without thinking of work that others have done
and thanking them for the ideas that we take.

In our busy lives as do-it-yourselfers
we've probably saved a buck or two.
We've learned-it-ourselves when we've done-it-ourselves:
do-it-yourselfishness is easy to do.

The amazing DIY lung-powered snot-sucker.
Snot-sucker + tubing = proud parents.

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