Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Sabbath

Oh, Good Sabbath, welcome rest!
Come put up your feet.
Sit with me upon the couch
and thank God for this week.
But first, Good Sabbath, let me ask:
would you like a cup of tea?
Or coffee, water, juice or milk?
A little bite to eat?
Good Sabbath, are you comfortable?
I wish the house was clean!
It's just I've been so busy–
you know what I mean.
Good Sabbath, I'll be right there.
Just one more thing to do.
If I just finish this a minute
I can concentrate on you.
Okay, Sabbath, now I'm done.
Good Sabbath, where'd you go?
You left before I had a chance.
Why, I'll never know.

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