Saturday, October 20, 2012

Toys for My Baby

Toys for my baby–
what would she enjoy?
Based on trends of past forays,
she'd like these kinds of toys:
a mobile made of scissors,
needles, awls, and pliers,
on long strings hanging to her reach
(no fun if they were higher);
a playmat made of plastic sacks,
and books to tear apart;
a toybox full of tissues, chords,
and brightly colored darts.

I take away the cable
she has found to chew.
Of course she starts to cry.
I say, "Oh, I love you!
And that is why I put away
these things that are so fun.
I love you more than you love them.
Your fun is far from done."

If you find it morbid
to rhyme of deathly toys,
think of all your vices–
those dangers you enjoy.

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