Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If a Bogotano

If a Bogotana had this many cleaning supplies, she'd be a professional cleaner.
And he'd be a mountaineer with this hiking stuff, or with just one carabiner.
A Bogotano with this garage would not complain that it's too small.
He'd be a full-time carpenter with just one little stall.
With this moderate stash of polish, he'd be out there shining shoes.
And he'd only have two carboys if he was selling what he brewed.
A Bogotana would be a tailor with this nice sewing machine
and these two bikes would give a job to two Bogotano teens.
They don't need these two mowers– they'd mow parks with a string trimmer.
and they would have an office with these desks and macs and printer.
A Bogotano would start a bookstore with the books on just this case.
But rather than go into business, we keep busy just looking for space!

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